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ANDROID Interview Questions

The PendingIntent class provides a mechanism for creating Intents that can be fired by another application at a later time. A pending Intent is commonly used to package an Intent will be fired in response to a future event,such as a widget View being clicked or a Notification being selected from the notification panel.

Adapter are bridging classes that bind data to Views(such as List Views) used in the user interface.

The adapter is responsible for creating for creating the child Views used to represent each item within the parent View, and providing access to the underlying data.

Any updates to our App will appear on your notification menu at the top of your screen. Just tap on the E.ON App icon and you'll be taken into the Android Market and be presented with the E.ON App download page.

Yes, our App is fully compatible with any Android phone running Android software v2.1 or later.

Our Android-powered phones have Wi-Fi which can be used abroad for data, including Google Voice for making international calls. International Roaming for voice is available in several countries

Android 2.1 supports push e-mail for Exchange mail and Gmail.

Flash support varies by device with Android 2.1. The Samsung Acclaim does not have Flash support upon launch, but the HTC Desire will support Flash Lite 4.0 running Android 2.1. Flash 10.1 support is coming to Android-powered phones with Android 2.2.

An implicit Intent is mechanism that lets anonymous application components service action request. That means you can ask the system to launch an Activity that can perform a given action without knowing which application ,or Activity , will do so.

View Groups are extensions of the View class that can contain multiple child View.Extend the ViewGroup class to create compound controls made up of interconnected child Views.

Views are the base class for all visual interface elements(commonly known as controls or widgets). All UI controls,including the layout classes,are derived for View.

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